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Pattaya Thumbs

My mate once stole a girl I really liked off me. So this time, I saw him in a restaurant, sitting with a tall slim girl, who looked bored. I really fancied her. I waited for him to go to the toilet. Quick as a flash, I got to the table, with a bunch of dollar bills in my hand, and asked if should would do anal sex, suck me off and shave her pussy (assuming she had any pubic hairs to start with), and get videoed doing it. I said, I would not touch her pussy, she would be a sole bum-fucked anal-ass-slut-bitch rear-end-depository. You know I know how to talk to them. She stopped looking bored and her face lit up with a delightful smile. And guess what she said? She said, No, fuck off you dirty bastard. So I left my phone number. The next day she rang me, said that the day before she was just making a scene out of loyalty to her boyfriend, and can she fuck me tonight.

Only I dare to bring you the outrageous truth.
You ain't seen no original content till you see how far I push it,
and fuck 'em up all three holes.
I'm only getting better, you're only getting more.
You can see from the preview page, it is real, you know exactly what you get.

All models are over 18, but only by a few weeks. We don't want them any older.